warhammer 40k

Friday July 21: 40K Team Tournament
Registration 10:00am
Starts: 11:00am

Doubles 40k 1000pts per player. Treated as two separate armies. Using the matched play rules in the rulebook. Out of the book missions. Eternal War - 3 rounds. 

Saturday July 22 & Sunday July 23:
40K GT 2 Day Event

(3 Rounds on Sat. & 2 Rounds on Sun.)
Registration 10:00am
Starts 11:00am

2000pts per player. Armies made with the matched play rules out of the book. Out of the book missions. Eternal War 5 rounds.

ITC Details can be found here:


All games will be played at 75pts (unless noted below) using the SR2016 tournament booklet. Death Clock in effect. The winner of the LCQ & Team Event will qualify for World Ender on Sunday.

Friday July 21: LCQ for the World Ender. 75 points D&C 1. 32 player cap.
Registration 9:00am
Starts 10:00am
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Friday July 21: 75pt Champions format steamroller using death clock. 2 list. D&C 1
Registration 10:00am
Starts 10:30am
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Saturday Young Bloods (under 20yrs)
Registration 12:00pm 
Starts 12:30pm Ends 6:00pm

Saturday July 22: Team Event. Only register if you're the team captain. 75 points D&C 1. Standard Scenarios. We will be using the Captain, 1st LT, 2 LT format. You play vs your matching rank. You have one team feat you can use to swap a match up. Only two positions can swap during the team feat.
Registration 9:00am
Starts: 10:00am
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Sunday July 23: World Ender Final
Registration 9:00am Starts 10:00am Ends 7:00pm

Sunday Mangled Metal (50pts single list using SR2016 + Death Clock)

Registration 12:00 pm Starts 12:30pm Ends 7:00pm

Sunday Senior Pro Tour (40yrs and up) (75pts single list using SR2016 + Death Clock)

Registration 11:00 am Starts 11:30am Ends 6:00pm

Winner of the World Ender wins a Warmachine Weekend Spot!


Saturday July 22: Netrunner Tournament
Registration 9:00 - 9:30am
Starts: 10:00am

Cost $25

Decklists need to be submitted within the registration time by the latest or emailed to info@xplanet.ca before hand

Prize:  Top prize is BYE into nationals and promotional items.

This will be considered a formal level Fantasy Flight Games event and the number of Swiss rounds (65 minutes) and cut will depend on number of players (most likely a 4 or 5 rounds with a cut to top 8)

The Most Wanted List 1.2 will be in effect 


Sunday, July 23: Infinity ITS (Mid 300pts)

Rounds: 3 - 4 round ITS (based on attendance).

Starts: 10:00am

Cost $20

All participants receive tickets for the door-prize Raffle.  Additional prize for Outstanding Hobby Achievement (painting) You will need

• 2 confirmed ITS lists using Army 6 and a printed Courtesy list for your opponent.

• Your HVT model and 3 40mm Objective markers.

• Your painted Infinity models.

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